Hover boards in the spotlight

Notices have been received from the Australian Border Force (ABF), along with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) in relation to the importation of hover boards, or self balancing scooters.

Self balancing scooters (hover boards) are not a prohibited or restricted import into Australia, however it is important for importers of this product to be aware of the safety standards that apply when they are sold domestically within Australia. If the scooters do not meet the safety requirements they will not be permitted for sale.

Importers should also note that a vehicle import permit is required prior to importation of self-balancing scooters (hover boards).

Self balancing scooters have been linked to a number of fires in Australia since January 2016.

Self-balancing scooters are electrical two-wheeled ride on devices with no steering grips, seats or handlebars. They are powered by a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable through connection to a main power supply.

Source: Australian Border Force