Hoegh Osaka Update

Still listing on an incredible angle, the Hoegh Osaka seesaws on the Solent (Alpha Anchorage)

Many of us in the shipping industry, along with car industry enthusiasts, have been keeping a close on the situation occurring in the Solent with the Hoegh Osaka.

The 190m long vessel roll on/roll off vessel was beached on the sandbank at Brambles Bar by it’s captain and pilot in an attempt to save the ship, cargo and all the crew on board.  This drastic measure was taken after the vessel developed a list of 51 degrees forty-five minutes after departure from Southampton. The captain and pilot feared that the vessel would capsize. After approx five days of being stranded, the huge ship, full of high end motor vehicles and agricultural machinery managed to self-float itself off the bank.

The Solent – between the Isle of White and the Mainland UK

The vessel has been bobbing about in the choppy waters of the Solent being held a float by tugs ever since that day. The severe weather in the area has not been assisting the salvage company, Svitzer, as they try to save the vessel. Salvors are continuing to pump 3000 tonnes of water that have entered the vessel.  This water formed due to a crack in the hull which has since been repaired.

With weather forecast to be very poor this week, we watch and wait out the fate of this vessel.

All source and image credit are given to gcaptain.com – if you wish to read the original article, head here.