Hoegh Osaka cargo, what’s happening now?

For those of us waiting with baited breath on the outcome of the cargo on board the Hoegh Osaka, it appears that we have to wait a little longer.

Whilst information was being received thick and fast from the salvage operation of the stricken roll on/roll off vessel, only small details are being trickled through the media on what is happening with the high end cargo that has now been rolled off the vessel in Southampton Port. The entire cargo value from the Hoegh Osaka is US52.7 million.

Caught up in 2015’s first maritime drama are hundreds of Land Rovers, Jaguars, Mini’s, 105 pieces of JCB construction equipment and military equipment along with a one-off personalised Rolls Royce Wraith.

THE AUD500,000 Rolls Royce Wraith is driven off the vessel in what appears to be pristine condition.

This Mini is rolled off the ramp with obvious damage to the door.

It’s a tank … This one is fine. No dents!

Despite the majority of the luxury cargo being rolled off the vessel with minimal or no damage, there is now fear that all vehicles will be scrapped fearing law suits.  We are reminded of the 2006 incident that occurred off the Aleutian Islands with the roll on/ roll off vessel the Cougar Ace.  This vessel was also struck with instability issues (this time during an exchange of ballast water).  All the cargo on board was scrapped due to fear of litigation.

Hoegh Autoliners, the owners of the vessel, have received requests from many sources asking about the future of the cargo and whether it can be purchased. It’s up to the cargo owners – not the owners of the Hoegh Osaka – on the fate of this luxury load. We watch and wait..

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Image and source credits.