Hekima Day Care and Nursery School Update

For over a year now we have been raising money for the Hekima Day Care and Nursery School.  Today we are happy to share with you some fantastic pictures and stories on how this money is assisting the children from this school.

The below comes from Chris Nikitas, who is Helen Hack’s brother.

“Five years ago Hekima DC was operating under a shack doubling as a church.  When the time came to build a proper church I was approached and gave them roof over their heads and we started with ten kids.

When this was blown away by strong winds I invited them into the godown.  This year we had over twenty youngsters and I have received a request for space to put thirty students and which I think I will provide but will mean the need for extra desks.

The contributions made will most likely cover for this, and we must remember that we are paying the teachers a small token.  I have already bought quite a lot of books and will also get the centre a TV and deck to they can enhance their options.

We will also put up some seesaws and swing.

We will also provide mats and mattresses for those younger ones to rest.

Maize is very cheap now and will most likely provide some ooji (a liquid porridge).

So you see the money you sent will go a long long way and you people should be proud of your contributions”

These four girls are orphans, and each was given a school bag, 10 exercise books, a pair of shoes and skirt and blouse.

The girl on the right brought tears to my eyes when she started crying out of happiness.

Orphan girls checking the goodies provide by the staff and EES Shipping including a 10000/- (around $5) for Christmas pocket money.

Thanks to all the staff of EES for your contributions.

A lot of stuff has been purchased including a TV and deck for educational purposes.

This auspicious occasion took place on the birthday of our late father.  What an honour!


With teach Pascolina


Welcome to the Graduation year 2014

We look forward to raising more money for this fantastic cause in 2015.