Hekima Day Care and Nursery School Update 3

Today is Friday which means that EES Shipping staff are in free dress, donating a gold coin to a good cause.

For years now we have been raising funds for the Hekima Day Care and Nursery School in Tanzania.

All sorts of things have been purchased using this donation money.  From exercise books, to desks along with clothing and school bags, these children are grateful for everything.

Our very own Administration Director, Helen Hack, brother Chris Nikitas, is the founder of this entire project.  Helen has recently travelled to Tanzania and has provided us with a fantastic update on the progress of the school:

” With the funds collected this year we were able to turn a very derelict building that was there to be used as a cafeteria/classroom/rest area for the kids. We also bought some mattresses for the kids to have a rest, and some mats for the to be able to sit on the floor to have their “ouji” (a porridge like meal, that we supply for them).  We also put in fly screens so the flies and mozzies don’t get into the classroom and rest area.”

Check out these amazing, heart warming photos taken of this latest trip: