Hekima Day Care and Nursery School 2019 Update

School’s out at the Hekima Day Care and Nursery School in Tanzania, but that didn’t stop these three children coming to thank Helen Hack (EES Adminstration Director) when she returned to see the fantastic hard work that has been going on at the school.

For many years now the staff at EES have been donating a gold coin every Friday – for the opportunity to come to work wearing free dress.

These coins have really added up and we have been able to donate a much needed sum of money that will be used to help pay for

  • the teachers/carers to teach and guide underprivileged children in the area
  • much needed renovations to the actual physical building
    • to help keep out malaria riddled mosquitos
    • running water
    • playground
  • learning utensils for their awesome minds
    • books etc

Helen’s brother, Tony Nikitas, is working on repairing another building adding another classroom, and lunchroom.

Here are some of the amazing pictures that Helen has sent through:

The children are currently on holidays but that didn’t stop these littles coming out to thank Helen.

These two older girls are also benefiting from the donations. After the school finishes for the day there are evening classes for them t get  ready to go to year 4 high school and finish school.

The Classroom

Surveying the classroom

 The computers that we had donated a few years previously could not help here as they have no electricity. They have opened up a computer training school for the underprivileged in Bagamoyo.To subsidize they are also making these batik Kanga. Helen was the recipient of this lovely piece.

The staff at EES could not be prouder that a simple weekly donation can make such a huge difference in these children’s lives.

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