Gold Plated Shipping Container Bling Bar

It’s gold plated.  It’s a shipping container.  It’s a bar.  A bling bar.

What could be better?

Today we would like to show off this shiny, amazing structure. This container calls Linz, Austria home and we think that it’s possibly the best use of a pre-loved shipping container that we have seen so far.

This blinged out bar received a make over (it was shortened by 1 meter in order to be able to obtain a permit) before it was placed in a public plaza in between two museums.

Not only has it been painted a dazzling gold, it has also been outfitted with hydraulics – at the push of a button it reveals an ultra modern red interior.  The unit also houses a long bar , beer taps, a back counter and a glass wash station.

Simple, industrial and purposeful.
Image & Source credits