Game Over for Smuggler

A man faced court on Friday 22 June after he was arrested by the Australian Border Force (ABF) for allegedly importing two kilograms of pseudoephedrine, an illicit drug pre-cursor, hidden in board games.

On 14 June, the parcel containing the drugs was detected in international mail at the Sydney Gateway Facility and referred to the South Australian ABF office for further investigation.

On 22 June, officers conducted a search warrant at a property in the suburb of Grange arresting a 52-year-old Australian resident.

He was charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled pre-cursor and remanded in custody without bail.

During the search warrant, officers also located an amount of drug paraphernalia and chemicals normally used for drug manufacturing. The SA Police Clandestine Laboratory team attended and provided specialist assistance regarding the chemicals identified by ABF.

As a result, SA Pol Detectives from Western Adelaide have charged the man with the state offence of trafficking a controlled drug and possessing equipment.

ABF Investigations Commander Graeme Grosse said this is a very good result for ABF Enforcement Command operations and an even better result for the community.

“An investigation that has led to multiple charges and involved our state law enforcement partners demonstrates we do not tolerate the importation of drugs of dependence through our border or domestic manufacturing in our community,” Commander Grosse said.

The man will next appear in the Magistrates Court on 24th October 2018.

The maximum penalty for these charges is 25 years imprisonment and/or $1,050,000.

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