Freo Port above average November

Fremantle reported a throughput of 62,337 TEU for November, the second-highest monthly total for 2016, and well ahead of the average for the year (through November) of 58,490 TEU (twenty foot containers), according to the latest available data from Fremantle Ports.

While the total throughput at the port decreased in November, coastal trade actually increased 13.5% over October to 7835 TEU (twenty foot containers).

Also, Fremantle imported 229 TEU more in November than in October to total 32,026 TEU.

If we take a look back at November 2015’s container numbers at Fremantle, we see a whopping throughput of 67,868 TEU, much larger than any single month in 2016, and close to 9% higher than this most recent November.

The first 11 months of 2016 saw a total throughput of 643,388 TEU through the port, a 2.7% decrease on 2015’s total throughput for January through November (which totalled 661,009 TEU).

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