Fremantle Port Weigh bridge – NOW OPEN

Fremantle Port now has it’s own weigh bridge!

Located within the Truck Marshalling Area, the bridge is one of only two of its kind in Australia.

The five-platform weighbridge located at Rous Head is a whopping 39 metres long and has a massive150-tonne capacity. It has been purpose-built to provide gross and tare weighs as well as simple, quick axle weighs for all combinations currently used in Western Australia.  It is a fully automated public weighbridge.

It’s available every hour of the day – twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

The weighbridge is located in the truck marshalling area.

Michael Pal, Fremantle Ports’ Principal Logistics Analyst advises that given the impending introduction of Chain of Responsibility in 2015 – (this) means that the wider supply chain needs to be prepared to respond to the future focus on vehicle weights.