Foster an ABF detector dog

It’s that time again!

The Australian Border Force (ABF) is currently looking for foster carers to help raise the next generation of Detector Dogs.

ABF Detector Dogs play a vital role in our enforcement capability at the border, searching for narcotics and precursors, currency, explosives, firearms and tobacco.

They work in a range of environments across the country and are routinely tasked to search luggage, parcels, mail, air and sea cargo, cargo containers, vessels, vehicles, aircraft, structures and people.

Superintendent Glenn Scutts from the ABF Detector Dog Program said we should not underestimate the critical role that detector dogs play in protecting Australia’s borders from the importation of prohibited and restricted goods.

“Last year ABF Detector Dog teams assisted with 1350 detections of illicit substances and currency across our airports, cargo examination facilities and postal gateways,” Superintendent Scutts said.

“To prepare them for this challenging work they require a lot of training and little bit of nurturing and for that we rely on the Detector Dog Foster Care Program.

“Participating in our Foster Care Program is a rewarding experience and a great way to enjoy raising a puppy without the financial burdens and long-term commitment usually associated with pet ownership.”

Foster carers raise puppies in their homes for up to 15 months, during which time we’ll provide you with a lead, collar, food and feed bowl, as well as covering any medications and veterinary services.

Anyone living in the Melbourne area is encouraged to apply. You just need to:

  • have a safe and secure yard that is at least 10 by 5 metres.
  • be willing to socialise the puppy with at least two or three outings each week to various places including local schools, playgrounds and shopping centres.
  • be able to walk the puppy at least once a day.
  • have a yard that is accessible if you’re not home.
  • have a car to transport the pup (preferred).

To apply to become a foster carer, complete the application form on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website ( or call us on 1800 664 106.

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