Five weird ways to re-use shipping containers

Last week we showed you our top 5 ways to re-use shipping containers. Today we bring you the strangest ways to re-use containers. Let’s start at number five.

5. In a prison
Over-crowded prisons use re-purposed shipping containers for inmates to be able to be able to speak to their visitors

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4. As a sauna
Anyone in the mood for a good sweat session?

(image credit: marineinsight)

3. Fancy a dip?
This is literally a container made into a swimming pool.

(image credit: marineinsight)

2. As a pop-up venue
Containers can be used as a tea house, movie theatre or pavilion.

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1. As a massive dinosaur?
This is our favourite. Meet Containosaurus!  A massive landmark made from used containers as well as disapproved windmills. Containosaurus appeared at the Lowlands Music Festival in Eindhoven, Netherland.

(image Credits: inhabitat , gruponeva)

We think these are fantastic, “out of the box” ways to utilise containers. What would you use a shipping container as? Tell us on Facebook.