Five Ports you never knew existed

Sure we all know the common sea ports around the world.  There’s Long Beach, in America, Le Havre in France, Shanghai China and Sydney in Australia.

Today we thought that we’d share with you some of the ports from around the world that, perhaps, you never knew existed…

  1. Prince Rupert

Coming in at number one is the port of Prince Rupert in B.C.,  Canada.  This port is the third deepest natural harbour in the entire world (Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia is the deepest!). Prince Rupert is the first inbound and the last outbound port for some cargo ships traveling between Eastern Asia and western North America. There are two terminals at Prince Rupert, one with a quay length of 400ms, the other is double at 800m.

2.  Lautoka

Number two today is the port of Lautoka, Fiji.   The length of berth at Lautoka is 290 meters, with the maximum draft upon approach being 10.5 meters.  The terminal at Lautoka has a storage of 40,000 twenty foot containers.  Lautoka is the second largest city behind Suva.

3.  Toamasina

We’re off to Taomasina in Madagascar for our number three port.  This picturesque location is home to Madagascar’s primary cargo port.  The berth is 307 meters in length and has two berthing positions and is located on the east side of Madagascar.

4. Marsaxlokk

The Port of Marsaxlokk located in the tiny island of Malta is our number four port that you never knew existed.  This port is classed as a medium sized port, with a harbour depth of 15.2m. Marsaxlokk comes in at number 49 on the World Shipping Council Top 50 container ports.

5. Rades

Located in Tunisia, the port of Rades plays an important role in Tunisia’s transportation network and is the countries main port for containerisation (handling approx 87% of the volume). At this port there are terminals for both containerised cargo along with facilities for roll on / roll off services.

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