Firefighting aircrane arrives in Freo

Firefighting aircraft arrives at Fremantle Port for WA duty.
An Erickson aircrane took off from North Quay this morning for firefighting in WA.

Erickson air crane 1 (450x213).jpg
An Erickson aircrane that will be used in aerial firefighting over the summer has arrived at Fremantle Port and is pictured setting off for its summer base in Western Australia.

The aircrane arrived on board general cargo ship BBC Xingang, which berthed at North Quay.

The Erickson aircrane is a 1965 Sikorsky airframe six-blade main rotor.

It is powered by two 4,050 shaft horsepower (3,020 kW) Pratt & Whitney JFTD12A turboshaft engines.

It has a 10,000 litre tank that can fill with the main snorkel pump (curved hose in photo) in 12 seconds, and the plough (straight hose in photo) in 8.5 seconds.

Erickson air crane on berth (450x305).jpg
On the berth …

Erickson ascending (382x450).jpg
… taking off …

Erickson air crane 15Nov16 (382x450).jpg
… and flying above Berth 1, North Quay

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