Family container home

It’s been a while since we have bought you pictures of a beautifully designed container home, so today we have picked out this stunning abode to share with you.

Located in Bekasi, Indonesia, a suburb of Jakarta you’ll find this 1660 square foot house which has been constructed using four colourful shipping containers.

The house was designed for a couple and their two children.  Architects have billed this as ” new definition of contemporary tropical homes”.

The cutting edge design has launched this home into the the unofficial worldwide competition for best shipping container home. (It certainly has our vote!)

Much of the upper floors are created with the shipping containers and are used as hobby spaces.

There are stairs, ramps and outdoor terraces.

The containers formed a central courtyard which has been covered by a layer of wire meshing – this reduces the heat.

Image credit: Teddy Yunantha

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