Exporting honey to China

Recently the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) have issued the following notice for exporters of honey to China.


To notify of recent market access issues relating to the export of Australian honey to China.


The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is the central competent authority for the export of prescribed and non-prescribed goods.

For non-prescribed goods, the department issues export certificates in accordance with overseas country requirements.

The Chinese government has notified the department that consignments of Australian honey have been detected with American Foulbrood (AFB).


Australian honey producer-packers should ensure honey does not contain AFB when exporting to China.

  • Regular sampling and laboratory testing of Australian honey for bee disease may support customer specifications or market access objectives.
  • Certification to B-Qual or other independent standard/code of practice might compliment overseas market access requirements.
  • Detection of AFB in honey may result in a Chinese authority suspending the Australian honey producer-packer.

Further information

Chinese import conditions for Australian honey visit https://micor.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx

B-Qual visit http://bqual.com.au/

Establishments currently suspended by China AQSIQ Food Safety Bureau visit http://pub.fsciq.cn/approval/SitePages/fengchanpin.aspx


General questions about the export of non-prescribed goods email NPG Exports