Removal of DG Stickers

Who can believe that it’s almost been three years since we reminded you of the steps that you need to take once your import container is empty.

Today we wanted to share the importance of removing any labeling that was attached to your container (for transportation purposes), for instance Dangerous Goods (DG) stickers.

Dangerous Goods (DG) stickers are placed on the outside of the container walls to indicate that there is hazardous material stowed inside.  The nine classes of hazardous cargo each have their own individual sticker system.

Transporting empty containers that are still sporting their DG stickers will not only be a problem when the container is returned to the de-hire depot, it’s also a problem for road transport.  A placarded shipping container that is indeed empty can be classed as misleading.

As mentioned above, if containers are attempted to be de-hired with any outside stickers visible, the de-hire depot could reject your container, or charge additional fees for the removal of the stickers.

You will need to ensure that all remnants of the stickers are removed before uplift of the container from your yard.  We’ve found the best way for easy removal is via a heat gun and scraper.  Any residue of the backing paper or glue can be removed by wiping with kerosene.  After this, your container should be good to go!

Do you have any questions about the condition your container should be in when it is being returned to the de-hire depot?  Contact our transport team now.