Ephedrine hitching a ride

A simple x-ray of an airfreight consignment has exposed anomalies in a shipment of bicycle seats sent to Sydney from China.

Australian Customs and Border Protection (ACBPS) officers opened the package, finding approx 6.3kgs of a white crystalline substance. The material later tested positive for ephedrine.

“Ephedrine is used to manufacture dangerous and illegal amphetamine-type substances such as ‘ice’,” National Manager Cargo Operations, Jagtej Singh, said.

“Importing ephedrine without a permit is strictly prohibited. Those caught attempting to smuggle a marketable amount of a border controlled precursor, such as ephedrine, could face penalties of up to $510,000 or 15 years in prison.”

ACBPS have seized many shipments containing ephedrine – there was some concealed in tea and even in tennis racquets.

Source and Image credits: Australian Customs and Border Protection