Empty Container?

This might seem like a subject that doesn’t need much explaining, but there are many companies out there that are new to shipping and might be uncertain what to do when their container has been unpacked and it’s now empty.

Below is a small checklist that you should run through when all your goods have been unloaded from your container:

1.    All loose debris to be removed.
2.    Container is to be swept out carefully – attention to be paid to the corners of the container.
3.    Ramp to be removed from the container doors.
4.    Doors to be secured.
5.    Send us an email advising of that the container is empty. Please note the container number on all correspondence and ensure that if there is any damage to the container that you also advise us of this.

Don’t forget – if you have any hazardous stickers on the container these must also be removed.

Our transport company will then remove the container within the allotted time frame.

If you have any questions about this subject, or any other question regarding shipping, containers or logistics, please contact us.

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