Emergency Measures for Stink Bugs ceased

Since the end of January, we’ve been reporting on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, the agricultural pests that have been causing havoc on imported shipments from the East Coast ports of the U.S.

Pre-shipment requirements were introduced in an effort to stop these unwanted pests making Australia their home.  Emergency measures were also bought into force to keep any outbreak contained.

Well today we have some good news for you folks!  The Department of Agriculture have announced the cessation of the Emergency Measures from the 1st May 2015. This means that target goods arriving on or after this date will no longer be subject to pre-shipment treatment requirements.

The Brown Marmorated stink bug is known to have strikingly smooth shoulders..

The Department of Agriculture advise that whilst a few stink bugs are still hitching a ride on imported cargo to Australia, the risk is now lessened.  The emergency measures put in place certainly have done their necessary job.

if you have any questions regarding the cessation of the Emergency Measures for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, please kindly head here.

Farewell bugs, until we meet again next season!