EES Export Container Pack

Our new warehousing facility is up and rrrracing!

We thought that we would share with you some pictures of our latest project –  the packing of an export container – chock full of motorbikes.( Is there anything that we can’t do?!)

Our warehouse facility is spacious enough for us to be able to pack export containers undercover (or unpack import containers).  In this case, the client had each of the motorbikes delivered to our premises, and was then able to crate them as he wished – well away from the threat of looming clouds.

The 40’ container was bound for Asia.

A mixture of motorbikes all lined up ready for their journey over the seas

Motorbikes crated and ready to go.

Careful consideration is made when crating the bikes.

The packing began with each crated motorbike being lashed in using the points provided.

More bikes and strapping.  There was a mixture of BMW’s, R1 and R6 Yamaha’s in this container.

Once the container was packed, it was then sealed.

We then bid the container farewell as the swinglift truck picked up the box with ease.