Drugs found in shipping container in Canada

A container arriving from India to Toronto has been stopped and searched at the Port of Montreal by the Canada Border Services Agencies (CBSA).

The container, which was manifested to contain 550 packages of rice, was concealing more than 200 pounds of drugs amongst the cargo.  CBSA officers indentified that 29 of the packages contained masses which were uncovered to be the drugs ketamine and norephedrine.

Finding drugs hidden amongst rice is not a new method with CBSA spokesperson Dominique McNeely adding “That’s definitely a technique that we see regularly,”

Just like in Australia, the Canadians go to great levels to protect their borders with all goods arriving into Canada subject to standard reviews and inspection.

Three arrests were made following the find. All three are being charged with importing a controlled substance into Canada, possession for the purpose of trafficking and conspiring to commit an indictable offence.

Ketamine is used as a hallucinogen whilst norephedrine is used to produce amphetamines and other drugs.


Image and source credit: www.rcmp.com