Drug smugglers go bananas

Discount supermarket, Aldi, had to deal with a difficult delivery early last month when they found a £10m haul of cocaine packed in banana crates in Berlin.

Oops, did you order bananas?

A total of 140kgs of the class A drug was discovered amongst the fruit in crates which were sent to five branches of the supermarket chain.  It is the largest amount of cocaine found in approx 15 years in the German Capital.

The shipment contained a total of 1134 boxes, with only some of them containing the drugs. The shipment arrived from Colombia.

“The cocaine obviously wasn’t meant for the supermarkets,” a police spokesman told Der Tagesspiegel.“Anyone waiting to take that delivery will have quite a problem on their hands.”

The police are calling this a “logistical error” by the drug smugglers.

Armed police show off the haul

The first tests showed they contained 55 percent pure cocaine but police stressed some of the parcels could be up to 90 percent pure.