Drone Cargo Ships

Robot vessels will look a lot different, as features that are for crew members only can be removed

It’s the way of the future.

Rolls Royce are currently working on plans for unmanned cargo vessels. With a great benefit to the shipping industry, these ships would be lighter, safer and much cheaper to run.  Also there would be the capacity to carry more cargo.

This is how a (possible) fleet of drone ships will look like

The vessels would be directed from a control centre, with captains on dry land using a simulation of a vessel’s bridge to command hundreds of crewless ships.

Control Centre – Ship’s Bridge

With the maritime industry spiking significantly in volume in the last few years (now worth approx $375bn) annually, it appears that Rolls-Royce’s plan for robot ships, all be it in the concept stage, will definitely benefit the industry.

Whilst the reality of robot vessels are  at least two to three decades away, the nerd inside us all wish that they would speed up process so we can watch this make history.

Image / Source credits: gcaptain.com & bbc.com