DP World Fremantle gains a new crane

New cranes were delivered to Fremantle Port in May 2013

DP World Australia is taking delivery of a new ZPMC quayside container crane today for use at its Port of Fremantle terminal.

Pilot on board 11:00am with the ship reaching the Fremantle Inner Harbour entrance 30-40 minutes after that.

A second crane on the ship will be offloaded at its Sydney terminal.

The crane ship will be an interesting spectacle as it makes its way through the Inner Harbour to Berth 6 on North Quay.

The cranes, loaded for voyage in China on 16 January 2015, were built on Changxing Island, China, by the Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company over the previous 16 months.

ZPMC cranes have:

  • a rated capacity under spreader of 65 tonnes and under heavy lift beam of 80 tonnes
  • an outreach of 50 metres, with a rail gauge of 25.3 metres
  • a hoist height above rail of 38 metres
  • a hoist speed of 90 metres/minute loaded and 180 metres/minute unloaded
  • a cross travel speed of 240 metres/minute.

Check out these amazing photographs that have just been taken:

The vessel pulls into the harbour.

What a rare and amazing sight watching these new cranes being delivered.

These cranes are huge.  The white crane is for DP World Fremantle, with the yellow crane destined for Sydney.

Tugs push the vessel alongside.

It was a gorgeous morning at Fremantle Port waiting for the crane ship to arrive.  It was definitely worth the wait to take these stunning shots.

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