DP World Brisbane – Weigh In Motion Fees

As of today, 7th July, DP World will be introducing a Chain of Responsibility fee on all containers moving by road.  The fee will be A$5.10 & GST for each container leaving the terminal via road.

These fees come hand in hand with the introduction of the new Weigh in Motion which will now be applicable for all full import containers to pass through on their way out of the Port.

The fee, along with the addition of the mandatory weighing, are both a by product of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws (the hottest topic of conversation in our industry).

The Weigh in Motion measurement devices are in line with the duty of care requirements, ensuring that vehicle mass and axle loads do not exceed the legal limits.

Any vehicle found to be overweight will be refused exit from the terminal and a Chain of Responsibly overweight surcharge will be applicable for each container removed from the truck. The fee is scheduled to be A$100.00 & GST.

DP World have advised the industry:

“Please note, that this new COR [chain of responsibility] fee is the first of its type nationally, and this additional surcharge may be extended to other terminals and other states in due course.”

EES have been at the forefront of the Chain of Responsibility laws and their introduction into Western Australia. We are glad to see that the important issue of overweight containers and the mis-declaring of container weights have now been given a voice.

To see how overweight containers can be the cause of many disastrous incidents in this industry, head over to our website. The pictures are utterly unbelievable.

Image credit: smh.com.au