Do you want to build a shipping container home?

The interest in shipping container homes has skyrocketed in the last five years.

Whilst cargotecture is not everyone’s cup of tea, several people have written about the fascinating topic of building shipping container homes.

First up is Build a Container Home – simple and to the point.

Author Cheryl Creative notes “I’m a professional builder and have been using shipping containers in many various projects over the last 14 years. I’m also a designer, I can help you visualize an amazing container home that’s also easy to build. Function and brilliant design are my main goals when taking on a new project.”

Secondly, we give you How to Build a Shipping Container Home by Steven Anders.

Steven Anders comments “Are you excited to build your very own shipping container home? Most likely you are, especially if you have already built a home in the past, or if you have had some experience from working in a building project. With the help of some experts and skilful friends, you will definitely be able to build your home from a shipping container.”

How about this one? We’ve saved the third book for this informative novel How to build a simple three bedroom shipping container house.

Dual Authors Chad Smith and Bill Hebner describe the book … “We believe we have created this Goldie locks of shipping container houses. The Hebnerhouse is designed to be useful for most environments; the developing world, as a summer cabin or in-law suite, for the survivalist, or for the DIY builder that just wants to get away from overpriced and over designed spaces.”

So there you have it! You have no excuse for not building your very own shipping container home.

Do you have a book suggestion for us?  Comment below..