Customs uncover Yohimbine


Australian Customs and Border Protection Services have protecting our borders again, this time discovering a concealment of the substance Yohimbine.

ACBPS officers in Queensland examined two parcels when they arrived from China on the 20 April and 23 April, which were both consigned to the same address.

During  the x-ray exam, the officers noticed abnormalities.  Upon further investigation, a discovery of cardboard drums containing a brown powder was made in both shipments.

Initial testing of the powder in both the concealments showed up a positive match for Yohimbine (Rauwolfia Serpentina).

Yohimbine used in it’s pure form is used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. It is also used as a mild  aphrodisiac and a general stimulate . Yohimbine can sometimes plays a part in body image products for it’s fat burning qualities.

Whilst it is not illegal to import this substance, an import permit must be applied for (from the Department of Health) prior to importation.

Source and image credit: Australian Customs and Border Protection Services