CSCL Indian Ocean

The CSCL Indian Ocean has finally been freed from the banks of Germany’s Elbe River.

The 399m container ship ran aground last week whilst on it’s way from Hamburg to Felixstowe, England.  Over the last few days the vessel has been lightened by more than 6500 tonnes through the removal of heavy fuel oil, gas and ballast water.  Dredgers also removed 65,000 cubic meters of soil from around the grounded ship.

Early Tuesday morning local time (08/02) the CSCL Indian Ocean was re floated with the assistance of twelve tugs which simultaneously pushed and pulled the huge vessel.  It took twenty minutes for the huge container ship to be free of it’s sandy shackles.

The below is footage taken during the re floating.

The below video is from and shows the tugs pecking and pulling at the CSCL Indian Ocean.  Amazing!

The CSCL Indian Ocean is one of the world’s biggest container ships and can hold an amazing 19,100 twenty foot containers.


Image credit: Maritime Emergencies /