Cruel seizure made by Customs

ACBPS have advised that last week that they examined consignments that arrived into Sydney from Thailand via International Mail.

The packages were declared to contain a large variety of products, including toys, hair accessories and lights.   Officers x-rayed the packages, only to find abnormalities.

What ACBPS discovered, concealed in the packages, was the following:

•    Two Asian White-lipped Vipers (Trimeresurus albolabris)
•    Two Indian Star Tortoises (Geochelone elegans)
•    Two Asian Vine Snakes (Ahaetulla prasine)
•    One African Ball Python (Python regius)

“Wildlife smuggling is a cruel act,” Mr Singh said, “it puts animals under extreme stress and sadly often results in their deaths.”

World Wildlife Day is an important reminder that this dark trade is still practised, but Customs and Border Protection is committed to shutting it down.”

The snakes and tortoises have been seized and investigations into the importation continues.

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