Creative containers

This house built by Canadian Claudie Dubreuil is actually made from four shipping containers.

We’ve already seen shipping container skyscrapers and swimming pools, but now they’re being re-imagined into people’s dream homes.

You might not be able to tell from the outside, but this three-bedroom house was built from four shipping containers cantilevered on top of each other.

Canadian Claudie Dubreuil, works as a general contractor in Quebec, but for constructing her own house she wanted to try something more creative.

The living room. Image: The Container House


Dubreil hired a team of engineers and contractors to clean, cut and weld the shipping containers and put them in place – two for each storey.

The containers were bought in Montreal for $CDN2800 ($2860) each and, once stacked, the exterior was clad in wood.

As the bases of the shipping containers were reinforced by beams, Dubreuil flipped them and added additional beams to create the support for a second floor.

The kitchen features a secondhand sink picked up for $154. Image: The Container House
The stairway was made from recycled wood by a local artist. Image: The Container House


For the floors, she then added 13 centimetres of polished concrete with radiant heating on every level.

The shipping container doors formed huge windows for the living room, looking out to the surrounding forest.

Not limited by its unconventional structure, the kitchen features a rangehood and oven and a secondhand sink purchased for $CDN150 ($154).

A local artist created the stairway wall with a mosaic of recycled wood from barn doors.

The upstairs bedroom and bathroom. Image: The Container House

Upstairs, the master bedroom channels a bohemian-meets-luxury-hotel vibe, opening onto the patio.

The adjacent bathtub looks like the ultimate place to unwind.

The original ceilings of the shipping containers have kept their brown transport colours and form the wall panels in the basement.

The basement walls are the original shipping container ceilings. Image: The Container House 

We’re loving the unique, urban, industrial feel of this house.  There’s nothing standard about it, but it all makes sense. Decadence meets function.

Would you like to live here?

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