Coronavirus Update – CNY Holiday Extended

China’s central government have implemented emergency measures in response to the coronavirus outbreak (these are as of January 27 2020).

The emergency measures are designed to prevent people from travelling and combat the spread of virus.

The key points are as follows:

  • The Chinese New Year holiday period will be extended “as appropriate”. As of early January 27, the nationwide holiday has been extended to February 2; previously it was set to end January 30. This is to prevent a mass movement of citizens during this critical period.
  • Shanghai and Suzhou announced that commercial establishments, government bureaus, and offices would remain closed till February 9.
  • Chinese staff may not be able to return to work immediately.
  • Serious interruptions and cancellations of transport reported across China, expect this to continue for the next two weeks.
  • Mongolia has closed its border with China.
  • Hong Kong is temporarily banning Hubei residents from entering.

China’s government is treating this virus with the highest degree of seriousness.

It is likely that there will be delays in shipping along with any documentation being created for shipments that are departing from affected areas.

Normal operations are expected to resume as per the below:

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