Coronavirus Response – To our valued clients

To our valued clients,

As the situation caused by COVID-19 intensifies, we would like to take the opportunity to reach out and let you know how we plan on handling this period moving forward.

Protecting the health of our workers whilst guaranteeing our services to our clients remains our top priority.  We are currently in the process of providing our staff with remote access to ensure that there is no delay with our usual services.

During this difficult times we would like to support you in any way possible and we ask that you let us know a little bit about you and your business.

Here are a few questions that we hope you will answer:

  • How is your business coping?
  • Are there any issues with your suppliers we may assist you with?
  • Do you require clarification on any statements made by your suppliers about current production?
  • Will your business be closing? If so, do you have a contingency plan? Emergency contacts? Do you require assistance with a plan?
  • Do you have limitations for your cargo? (delivery days, times, staff)

It is also as important that you advise us of any upcoming orders so we can arrange space accordingly.

EES Shipping would like to assure that it is business as usual for our team – even if we are to work remotely. We not only care about your individual well-being, but also your business.

Please contact Brian Hack directly should you have any queries.

Core team members direct mobile phone numbers are also available upon request.