Coronavirus – Impact on trade

February has been a volatile month for the world as we all watched the spread of the coronavirus worldwide.

The Lunar New Year holidays were extended to help minimise the spread of the virus, but as China returns to some form of normality it has become apparent that there is no end date to the disruption that this outbreak has caused.

With outbreaks are now surfacing in Northern Italy and South Korea the push is on to find a way to curb the escalation of the Coronavirus.

Whilst many companies in China are still working remotely, we are finding that there is no problem with making bookings with the shipping lines. However there are a shortage of truck drivers along with domestic travel restrictions within China that have caused some issues.

As volumes continue to drop, shipping lines are still blanking a lot of sailings as it is not viable to move vessels at a low capacity.

For the latest figures on the Coronavirus COVID-19 head here.

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