CoR ready for 27th April

As it is only a few weeks away, importers must be fully aware of their responsibilities, particularly in the provision of information for Container Weight Declarations.

Fremantle Ports, Main Roads WA and the WA Road Transport Association (WARTA) are providing comprehensive information to ensure all stakeholders and industry members are informed of the changes to existing legislation and the potential impacts on their businesses leading up to implementation.

Fremantle Ports and WARTA, with support from Main Roads WA, held a Transport Operator Information Session on 12 March at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club.

This complimentary seminar provided a wide range of information regarding safe operation in the port precinct, as well as aspects of the introduction of the regulations for CoR.

A significant element of the seminar focused on drivers’ obligations to carry a valid Container Weight Declaration (CWD) and the importance of the ‘responsible Entity’, usually the Australian consignor, to provide the appropriate information in the appropriate form.

For imported containers, the consignor is the person who imports the container into Australia.

The importer must prepare a complying CWD (electronically or printed) and provide a copy for the road transport operator or driver before the container can be transported by road.

New app for drivers

Another key feature of the session was the release of an ‘app’ to guide drivers who believe they have an overloaded container.

The app was well received, as it provides a means to show that ‘reasonable steps’ have been taken to meet CoR requirements.

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