Container weighing a must

Things have been a little quite on the mandatory container weighting front, but rest assured in the background the maritime industry are working hard on this ever important issue.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) have introduced new regulations on container weighing, stating that all containers by 1 June 2016 MUST be weighed prior to loading onto a vessel.  The so-called verified weight can be determined one of two ways, either by adding up the cargo weight and adding to the weight of the container, OR by weighing the container at an approved container weight station.

Containers that have not been weighed or verified will not be taken on board the vessel.

We have been pushing the issue of container weights, even adding the container weight declaration guide to our website.

Incorrect container weights can possibly result in containers falling off vessels, container stacks toppling and possible endangering of lives.

Fremantle Port weighbridge is now fully operational.