Container Specifications

How much can I fit into my container?

As freight forwarders, we are asked this question a lot. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s very dependent on what sort of cargo you are moving, and how well it fits together inside the container.

We take a 20′ container for example. Given the inside dimensions of this size container, in theory 33.2 cubic metres should be able to be packed inside. But this is 33.2 cubic metres of water (air tight, wall to wall). In reality you may only be able to pack 27 cubic metres of cartons when packed tight due to dimensions of the packages and, of course, the ‘dead space’ created by the cartons.

EES have simplified the (sometimes) confusing world of container dimensions on our handy info sheet. You can find out how wide the door is on a 20′ container, what the maximum volume is for a 40′ reefer container, what the maximum weight of a 20′ flat rack collapsible is and much more.

Click to download this sheet or give our sales team a call to discuss container volumes in more detail (08) 9414 7711.

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