Container ship runs around near Antwerp

Maersk container ships appear to be having a bit of a rough time lately with another grounding of one of their vessels near Antwerp. This latest incident comes one month after the Maersk Garonne ran aground in soft sand near Fremantle Port.

It was the Tuesday morning (31st March) when the Sealand Meteor ran aground as it approached the Antwerp area.

The Sealand Meteor’s journey c/o

A few hours later, with the help of high tide, the vessel was refloated with the assistance of Svitzer tugs. No damages to the hull or spills reported.

Strong gusts of wind, reportedly up to 120kph were recorded at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport.  These conditions were certainly a factor in the grounding of the vessel.

The Sealand Meteor’s details are as follows:

  • Type: Sea-Land Champion class
  • Build Date: 1997
  • TEU: 4,360
  • Length: 292.2 m
  • Breadth: 32.2 m
  • Draught: 13 m
  • Deadweight: 59,984 t

If you want to see some footage of the Sealand Meteor, head here.

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