Container ship rescue boats

It’s happening more and more often in the Mediterranean Sea.   Container ships and merchant vessels taking part in rescuing North African migrants who have embarked on a risky voyage across the ocean.  Hundreds of asylum seekers are either being rescued or are dying in the process of trying to find a new better life in a faraway country.

Shipping companies are becoming ever concerned on the massive surge in the number of migrants that are making this deadly voyage.  The rescue missions that container vessels along with other merchant carriers are being engaged in are not only delaying the vessels, but putting the lives of the crew members at risk.

Already in 2015 In the seas between Italy and North Africa hundreds of migrants have already lost their lives.

Recently, container ship MSC Belle along with a LPG Carrier Gaz Energy, were called on to rescue approx 400 people that were placed in three rubber dinghies. Along with these two vessels, the Italian Coast Guard also came to the rescue of three more dinghies.

MSC Belle .. the boat formally known as the Libra J. Image credit

The Gaz Energy. Image credit.

As many as 600 merchant ships travelling through the Mediterranean in 2014 were called on to perform such missions.  We are sure that the MSC Belle and Gaz Energy won’t be the last.