Container ship fire after collision in Malaysia


Fire has broken out on two container vessels in Malaysia’s Port Klang last night.

The vessel, Al Riffa, was berthed at the wharf when it was struck by another container ship, the San Felipe, which was approaching the berth.

The contact of the two vessels resulted in fire breaking out in the forward container stacks of both vessels.  The San Felipe was moved to safe anchorage to avoid any fire spreading to the wharf.  The Al Riffa was also reallocated to avert any further spark ups.

Fire fighting efforts have continued into the night with delays being expected.

Want to have a look at these vessels when they aren’t on fire?

The maximum twenty foot containers that the Al Riffa can hold is 13500. (image credit:

The maximum twenty foot containers that the San Felipe can hold is 8700. (image credit: – note may not have been the vessel that was on fire..

Source:; image credit: star news (via twitter) and new straight times.