Commencement of 2019-20 Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) flight season measures

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) has received advice from the Department of Agriculture that they have published the following Industry Advice Notice in regards the commencement of the 2019/20 Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) season.

The BPL beetle is likely to enter Australia on vessels, imported timber or machinery and other cargo from New Zealand. Look for adult beetles seeking shelter in dark secluded areas during daylight and in imported cargo or vessels. Adults are active from dusk to dawn and are attracted to light.

The department has developed a BPL webpage to assist vessel masters and crew to detect BPL.

179-2019 – Commencement of 2019-20 Burnt Pine Longicorn (BPL) flight season measures for vessels.


Source: Freight and Trade Alliance