Combating Illegal Logging

The illegally logged timber trade is one that disadvantages legitimate businesses, as well as causing enormous damage to forests and local communities.

Australia’s illegal logging laws prohibit the import of illegally logged timber and timber products.  This also includes the processing of Australian grown raw logs that have been illegally logged.

The Department of Agriculture (DAFF) have issued notification that from 30 November 2014, anyone importing a “regulated timber product” into Australia will be required to have carried out due diligence prior to Import.

Regulated timber products include most timber and wood based products.

These include, but are not limited to:

Wooden furniture
Sawn Timber
Wood Panels

We’ve uploaded a notice from Australian Quarantine which advises what timber products are regulated.  Click here for the information.

What does this mean to you?  To put it simply, the importer will need to gather information, assess the risk that the timber product that they are importing may have been illegally logged and, if the risk is not low, undertake reasonable steps to mitigate any risk.

Full explanations, along with an informative fact sheet, are available at the DAFF website. You can also sign up on this website to receive regular updates on this issue by clicking on the “subscribe” link.

From 30th November 2014, Importers will need to provide a consignment specific declaration confirming that the regulated timber products that are being imported have not been illegally logged.

As this date nears, EES will be arranging to contact the importers to which this new regulation will effect the most.

If you require any more information on this matter, please head to the DAFF website.

Please note that as your customs broker, we are not directly regulated under these laws, but it is our service to assist you navigating this new requirement.