Cocaine concealed in container ceiling

Approx AUD3.25 million worth of cocaine has been seized in Davao City, Philippines over the weekend.

The discovery was made by shipyard personnel as they were preparing to load bananas into a 40-foot container when part of the ceiling collapsed exposing the contraband.

Container walls are broken open after the ceiling collapsed.

51 blocks of cocaine were located hidden in the roof of the container, with authorities uncovering another 27 blocks during a follow up search of the container yard.

It is suspected that there was approx 13 more blocks unaccounted for.  Davao City Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, has warned the people that possibly have taken the missing drugs that they must surrender them – assuring that they should not worry about any punishment as they were not responsible for importing the goods into the country.

Davao City Mayor not happy that possibly 13 bricks of cocaine are unaccounted for

The mayor believes that Davao City was just being used as the transhipment port and that the cocaine was destined for another country.


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