Christmas nears as Fremantle Port at record levels

The W.A. Port Operations Task Force has issued December’s media release advising that container throughput at Fremantle Port has been at record levels during the months of October and November this year.

Graeme Wilson, Chairman of the W.A. Port Operations Task Force, has advised that this is likely due to the awareness campaign urging importers to order their stock early for Christmas.

“Bringing in Christmas stocks as early as possible reduces the risk of congestion at the container terminals and subsequent delays in getting goods delivered to the shelves in a timely way.
“With growth likely to continue into December, importers will be facing short deadlines to get cargo delivered and empty containers returned to the port within the required timeframe.” Graeme Wilson advises.

Today (Monday 16th December) we have been advised that DP World is currently experiencing a heavy work load with a great demand for import slots.  This has pushed the terminal into granting an extra free day from storage for three of the vessels that it has discharged.

EES are working with our cartage contractors to ensure that all deliveries are met promptly, please bear with us and contact us if there are any problems.