Chinese New Year Gifts

Christmas 2017 was just a few days away. 

As we all start looking ahead to the New Year, thoughts of Chinese New Year gifts might come into mind.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have sent a reminder of the most common gifts to avoid.

Common Chinese New Year gifts pose a high risk of introducing pests and diseases. To avoid this, gifts should be purchased in Australia.

Do not bring or send:

  • chicken and preserved pork sausages
  • Chinese herbal medicines containing ganoderma fungus or cordyceps
  • citrus
  • dairy products, including milk and yoghurt
  • dried beef
  • fresh bamboo shoots
  • fruit (fresh and dried), including lychees and longans
  • persimmons
  • uncanned whole eggs, including duck eggs.

Click here for the full fact sheet on importing into Australia for Chinese New Year (bio security issues).  Also shown here in simplified Chinese.