Cheeky Monkey

It appears that monkeys are loyal supporters of Maersk..

Back in August last year, we reported on some long tailed Macaque monkeys that stowed away on the Eugen Maersk which departed Malaysia bound for the Netherlands.

This time a lone vervet monkey was planning on making the Maersk Savannah home.  The container ship was loading boxes in Durban when the crew noticed the monkey running around on deck.  The vessel could not depart Durban until the hideaway was found.

Enlisting the assistance of Durban’s Monkey Helpline (yep, there’s a monkey helpline) the hungry and thirsty vervet monkey was lured into a cage and was removed from the vessel.  Vets will now exam the monkey and it will be released into monkey friendly territory.

Just how did the monkey make it’s way onto the huge container ship?  The Maersk Savannah is 334m long and 45m wide – it is believed that the monkey could have climbed up the mooring rope, or perhaps took a ride on a container that was being loaded onto the waiting vessel.

Either way, the monkey made a spectacular exit – the ship’s crane was used to hoist the cage onto the wharf.

Q: How do you catch a monkey on a container ship? A: Climb into the bridge and act like a banana!

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