Changes to Australia Post

From January the 4th, 2016 the price of an ordinary stamp will jump from .70c to $1.

A priority mail service will also be introduced to deliver letters earlier than regular mail, depending on its destination. This will require a .50c priority label.

Priority mail, depending on the destination, will be delivered between 1-4 business days with regular mail taking slightly longer, 4-6 days.

Australia Post have issued a changes to your letters services document.  Further information can be viewed on the Australia Post website.

Given the changes to the mail service, we ask that you ensure that the maximum amount of time is allowed for when posting original documents to our office. Asking that you also obtain and utilise the priority label to insure that your documentation is received in a timely manner.  Express posting is the preferred method.

If you have any questions about posting original documentation to our office, please do not hesitate to contact us.