Change in delivery address (imports)



Changes in delivery addresses for import cargo is under the spotlight today.  Your delivery address, the final destination where your cargo is to be delivered to, is one of the critical fields that is used by the Australian Border Force (ABF) when risk assessing your import cargo.

Upon providing your import clearance documentation to EES for clearance through Australian Customs one of the common questions asked is the address to where the consignment is to be delivered.  Once this is received, this information is then provided to Australian Customs on the Customs Entry (Entry into Home Consumption).

It’s at this point that the Australian Border Force risk assess your shipment.

If, for any reason, the delivery address changes, EES must inform Australian Customs immediately of the amendment.

Amendments of this nature could result in delays and additional costs to your company.

Any modifications in delivery addresses are to be informed immediately to EES to ensure that your cargo is cleared and delivered to you in a swift and timely manner.

Unfortunately if your delivery address changes and we are informed at the last minute, EES cannot be held responsible for additional costs and delays.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us immediately.