Chain of Responsibility prosecution

Back in March 2014, the Chain of Responsibility legislation (CoR) was introduced onto the roads in Western Australia.

These laws were bought in by our Government in the interest of national consistency in order to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Reduce damage to infrastructure
  • Promote a level “playing field” for industry
  • Improve deterrence and enforcement
  • Improve business efficiency and compliance.

Everyone that is involved in the supply chain / road transport activities are now governed by these rules.

Road Management Safety (RMS) are intercepting containerised shipments (along with others) that are being transported our on roads.  We would like to bring to your attention a case in which Holding Redlich are currently involved in.  This case serves as a timely reminder that all transport operators, logistics providers along with consignee’s and consignors the importance of having in place a Chain or Responsibility compliance framework in order to avoid costly prosecution. 

Click on the link to read about this case courtesy of Holding Redlich – Container Load Restraint Prosecution Update February 2017.