Catch of the Day

There has been an alison (The act of striking a fixed object, compare collision: the act of striking another vessel) between two vessels in Surabaya Port, East Java in the early hours of the 1st April.

The container ship, the KM Journey, was drawn to the passenger vessel, the KM Lambelu, by the tide when it’s anchor was drawn.

Passenger vessel, KM Lambelu

The strong current caused the container vessel to strike the passenger vessel, causing a leak.  Within an hour of the incident, the cargo ship, which was carrying 133 containers on this voyage, sank.

The 17 crew members on board were rescued by nearby ships and are all reported to be in good condition.  Only minor injuries were noted.

The passenger ship did not report any serious damage.

Some of the containers from the stricken vessel were loaded with instant noodles, making it the catch of the day for the local fisherman.  Many were seen gathering the packages that were spilled from the containers.

A sea of noodles

Image & Source credit: Maritime Bulletin, vessel tracker,